Booking Reservation System
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Booking Reservation System: It is super useful when you want to convert your store to event driven site e.g doctor, appointment, movie booking system. This module gives two type of booking for any product one is one many for many days and another is one booking for many days

Features :

  • Booking dates will be created on ajax based, so there will be no page reloads.
  • Dynamic event displays according to the date in case of one booking for many days.
  • Brilliant UI and UX for event display and booking as well at the admin’s end.
  • Real time booking i.e. if customer is booking any slot and some how because of internet or any other reason checkout is not confirmed and simultaneously another customer is booking that slot too, then if that customer successfully checkouts then the slot will not be available for the first customer.
  • Checkout check is there


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