Cartin online store QuickBooks Integration

Cartin online store QuickBooks Integration

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Connect Quickbooks with your eCommerce Online store, Using the Cartin QuickBooks plugin you will be able to sync your Online Store’s Customer, Product, and Order details with the QuickBooks. Also, when a new user registers, or you add a new product, and when an order is placed by customers all of this data is automatically synchronized with your QuickBooks account.

Cartin: Customer create an account/register on your website
Quickbooks: The customer information is copied into QuickBooks pos

Cartin: Customer place an order on the website
Quickbooks: The orders are copied over into QuickBooks pos as SALES ORDER

Quickbooks: You manually change the quantity and the price in QuickBooks pos
Cartin: The new price and quantity is copied over to your online store from QuickBooks pos


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