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All in one SEO extension provides various techniques or ways for improving the search engine rankings of the store. With this extension, the admin can create SEF (Search Engine Friendly) URLs for all pages.

The admin can generate robots.txt and sitemap.xml from the backend.

The Advanced SEO uses JSON-LD (JavaScript Object Notation for Linked Data) for the structured data.

Thus Optimizing the SEO as JSON-LD is helpful for machine-readable data for search engines bot.

Use Case

Many online businesses rely on search engines for bringing traffic to their website. As the search engine is the primary point of entry to many people, the traffic from these search engines such as Google, Bing, or Yahoo is vitally important to online stores.

Whenever we want to buy anything online, we always Google that product’s name in the search field and view the results.

The results that appear on the first page of the SERP (Search Engine Results Page) are likely to get more traffic because most users click on the first results.


Benefits of having an Advanced SEO Pro Module

1. Optimize User Experience: User Experience is not only optimizing the layout of the website but also offers customers better navigations which leads to more click and higher conversion rates.

2. Frequent Web Crawling: The store owner can define the frequency of the crawling that is required which will help to reindex the content of websites so they can be searched

3. Easy Language Conversion: The extensions allow the customer to convert the website into any language as desired.

4. Social Share Graph/Card: The module helps the store owner to set the title, description and product image which will be displayed when the product is shared with the respective social media.

• Create SEO URLs for various pages of the store.
• One-click generation of Robots.txt and Sitemap.xml files.
• Add any SEO Extension for the URLs.
• The Store owner can even enable or disable Rich Snippets Status.
• Select which Rich Snippets to display or hide.
• Set the Frequency of the Sitemap web crawling.
• The customer will be able to redirect to the updated URL when direct to the last 3 updated SEF URLs.
• Error Notification to admin when a customer hits the wrong URL.
• Configure the priority of the web pages in the sitemap.
• Generate the sitemap automatically through a cron job.
• Select how to display the page modified date on the SERP.
• Automatic creation of Meta Title, Description, Keywords.
• View Product SEO Meter with suggestions to improve SEO level.
• Generate Canonical URLs for products.
• Create a Facebook Open Graph and Twitter Cards for products.
• View Google Snippet Preview for desktop and mobile view.
• Provide separate SEO information for other language views.

Advanced SEO settings

The admin can set the SEF(Search Engine Friendly) for different pages of the website as shown in the image below.

The admin can set the frequency, modification, priority for the sitemap and can generate the sitemap as shown in the image below.

After generating the sitemap file, the admin can go to Google Webmasters for viewing the website performance and improving the search result.
Note: The sitemap can be automatically generated through Cron Job.

The admin can generate the robot.txt file for website crawling by clicking on the Generate ‘robots.txt’ automatically

For enabling SEF URLs, the admin needs to create the .htaccess file by clicking on the Generate ‘.htaccess’ automatically as shown in the image below.

Error Logs
The admin can view all the wrong SEF URLs on which the customer is redirected.


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